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In memory of John

About a hundred Society members attended a service, as near to six months after his passing as possible, at Westminster Cathedral. There were readings from Philippa Langley and Dave Perry and a variety of hymns and traditional music, including some from William Byrd, an ecumenical post-Reformation composer with strong Essex links.

I, like many of us over the years, have become used to following John to unfamiliar premises for heritage purposes and services and this tradition continues without his physical presence. The service was followed by a well-organised reception in the adjacent Cathedral Hall.


So where exactly is “Orwell”?


Harwich Town station is the end of the line, a twenty-five minute ride from Manningtree and the north-eastern extremity of Essex. As you cross the main road from the station car park, turning left takes you past a series of old buildings with Harwich Society plaques amid a modern setting. Some of these commemorate people such as Pepys, Christopher Newport the Jamestown settler and Christopher Jones, of Mayflower fame but the first of these is the site of the inn known as The Three Cups (left). Eventually, you will reach the Ha’penny Pier, from which the busy Port of Felixstowe is visible. Indeed, a passenger ferry across the rivers operates on most summer days.

Harwich is situated on the south bank of the confluence of the rivers Stour and Orwell. Between them lies the Shotley peninsula, which also features the village of Holbrook. Warner (Edward II, The Unconventional King, p.216)…

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A Society notice

Dear All,

I am informed by Sue Wells that Sudeley Castle no longer give discount on presentation of Richard III Society membership cards.

Please see below a reminder from Jeanette Melbourne about registering for the AGM.

A reminder that if you wish to attend the AGM and Members’ Day please register your place by e‐mail to me at events@richardiii.net or by completing and returning the booking form which was previously published in the June Bulletin.

The Dean of Leicester has invited members of the Society to a reception at the Cathedral. Evening Prayer (which you are more than welcome to attend) takes place at 5.30 p.m. The reception will take place immediately after this (approx. 15 mins). Please also confirm if you wish to attend this function.

Many thanks

Jeanette Melbourne
Events Co-ordinator

Newsletter June 2018

MAG Newsletter June 2018

A Society notice

The following has been received from the Society:​


The Richard III Society

Promoting research into the life and times of Richard III since 1924
Patron: HRH The Duke of Gloucester KG GCVO
Bringing you the latest important news and events about Richard III.

Dear Members,

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As you may have seen in the Media, anybody who takes payment for goods and services by credit or debit card is, from 13th January 2018, no longer permitted by UK law to make an additional charge for the costs incurred in processing debit and credit card transactions, including those made via PayPal.

The Society’s Website and literature will be amended as soon as possible to reflect removal of the requirement for PayPal users to add an additional 5% to the cost of an order or subscription. In the meantime, existing and new members are asked ensure that they only pay:

  • the price quoted in the sales catalogue plus postage and packing when paying for goods
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For PayPal payments received by the Society on or after 13th January 2018, refunds will of course be issued to anyone who has paid too much as a result of including the PayPal surcharge.

The Executive Committee is most grateful to those members who include a donation to the Society with sales orders and subscriptions as this helps to cover overheads including Bank charges.

Executive Committee
Richard III Society

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Do you remember this?

This is the Group’s shield, used from 2003 and recently returned to us by John. It will be in use at tomorrow’s AGM.

Colwell Wood Cottage

Thought you might be interested in the following received from Pam Benstead, Worcester Branch


This cottage in Devon once belonged to Richard Duke of Gloucester. It was featured in The Times on 29 September 2017 and many thanks to Judith Sealey who spotted it and gave me the photo.

An event in London

The following has been received from the Society:
The Richard III Society
Promoting research into the life and times of Richard III since 1924
Patron: HRH The Duke of Gloucester KG GCVO
Bringing you the latest important news and events about Richard III.

Dear Members,

Professor Caroline Wilkinson will be presenting a lecture on 23rd November 2017. Professor Wilkinson was responsible for creating the Society’s facial reconstruction of Richard III.
The Combined Royal Colleges Medal Lecture

This year’s lecture will be given by

Professor Caroline Wilkinson
23rd November 2017 at 18.30-21.00

at the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, 27 Sussex Place, Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4RG

Depicting the Dead:
the use of clinical imaging for forensic identification and archaeological investigation

Clinical images are incredibly important for the analysis and assessment of living bodies, but they can also be utilised for forensic identification and archaeological investigation.

This presentation will describe how clinical images contribute towards the depiction of faces from the past and from contemporary forensic investigation and discuss the challenges and limitations of this research. You will discover the application of clinical imagery to the depiction of famous historical figures (such as Richard III and Robert the Bruce), preserved bodies (such as Ancient Egyptian mummies or bog bodies) and disease or trauma in ancient populations.

For further details and information on how to obtain a ticket (£5) go to


The Executive Committee
Richard III Society

Copyright © 2017 The Richard III Society, All rights reserved.

Newsletter: September 2017

MAG Newsletter Sept 2017

From the Society’s Executive Committee

To the members:
As some of you will be aware, John Ashdown-Hill’s health has deteriorated in recent months. We have now been given permission by John to advise members of the present situation. We do so in order that you may understand why John is now unable to accept bookings for talks. However, John is still working on books and articles. Also, following his recent talk at Middleham, in which he added much more text to his Powerpoint slides, John is hoping to post updated versions of some of his talks on his website, so that, if they wish, Branches and Groups could access that material for a presentation which would not require John himself to come and speak.
John has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). In his case this makes speaking and eating difficult, and John is losing weight. The Society will offer John what support it can, at the same time sending him its best wishes and positive thoughts. Clearly, we cannot ask for a recovery, but we can hope that the remainder of John’s time will be comfortable and free of pain.
If you do send John messages of support, please do so in the understanding that you may, or may not, receive a response. We can be sure though that John will appreciate knowing that the Society wishes him well.

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