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A Peterborough mystery


Peterborough is a well-planned city. The walk from station to Cathedral passes through two short subways, with an optional detour to start of the Nene Valley Railway heritage line, to a semi-pedestrianised street with the Cathedral ahead,  with a range of shops, restaurants and even a parish church on the approach. The Queensgate Centre includes a footbridge over the main road from the centre back to the station. The Cathedral is adjacent to a cafe and bank in other ancient structures.

The building itself was converted from of the remains of Peterborough Abbey and the last Abbot, John Chambers, became the first Bishop, a fate very unlike that of his counterparts. Katherine of Aragon (left) is buried there, as was Mary Stuart (below) until her son removed her remains to Westminster Abbey. It is, however, the second Bishop that concerns us here.

As the plaque in that Cathedral relates, his…

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Cardinal Wolsey’s “angels” to go on display….


One of Wolsey's Bronze Angels“Sculptures of angels designed for the tomb of Cardinal Wolsey and then lost for hundreds of years will go on display next week.

“The Wolsey Angels will be exhibited at New Walk Museum from Saturday, April 28, as part of a touring exhibition from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.”

This link also contains a very interesting video about the history of Leicester.

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Some historical figures of Ipswich

Terry Hunt of the EADT writes here about some famous pechaucerople with Ipswich links: Chaucer (as an ancestor of Richard’s brother-in-law) and Wolsey (Richard’s contemporary) are obvious cases, as is Dickens. He doesn’t mention Thomas Cromwell (after whom the Square is named) but he does mention Charlie Chaplin, whose grandparents lived here.

September Newsletter 2015


We are sorry this has not been blogged before.

Christchurch Mansion

IMG_0123 IMG_0124 IMG_0126Yesterday, we made our extra visit for 2016, to Christchurch Mansion in the eponymous Ipswich Park. The building is generally reckoned to date from 1548 but may have adapted much of the Priory that previously occupied the site, instead of replacing it. The seven of us who gathered at the Park’s south gate, near St. Margaret’s Church, headed for the tea rooms first before emerging to explore the many themed rooms in the staple-shaped building.
Many of these were filled with artefacts from the centuries after the Mansion’s construction but it was also replete with art relating to the many prominent local families after which nearby roads are named – Withypoll, Fonnereau, Devereux and Neale – whilst there were also images of Charles I and the Puritan vandal William Dowsing, collections by Gainsborough and Constable and modern art by Picasso, Pisarro and others. We can be sure that, if the Priory was totally dissolved in 1536, it was not by Wolsey although Thomas Cromwell and Brian Tuke were among his secretaries and both outlived him.

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