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The Court of Requests and Thomas Seckford


In 1484, King Richard III created a minor equity court to deal with minor disputes in equity; these are disputes where the harshness of common law would be acknowledged by those appointed by the Crown. Equity courts were mostly seen as the Lord Chancellor’s remit, and the split of the Chancery Courts from the Curia Regis happened in the mid-fourteenth century. By the time of King Richard III, the Chancery Court had become backlogged from cases pleading the harshness of the common law, and the Court of Requests was no doubt and attempt to remove minor equity cases from the backlog and free up court time – Richard’s attempt at reducing bureaucracy and better administration.

So successful was the Court of Requests that it survived Richard’s reign, and was formalised by the Privy Council of Henry “Tudor”, the usurper. It was a popular court, because the cost of cases was…

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Another clue to the mystery of the “Princes”?


On the left is Gipping Chapel in Suffolk, attached to the Tyrrell property of Gipping Hall. It is a traGippingChapeldition within the Tyrrell family that the “Princes”, the sons of Edward IV who were technically children, lived there during 1483-4 “with the permission of the mother”


To the right is St. Nicholas of Myra, the 4th Century Bishop who is the patron saint of children, inter alia. He survived Diocletian’s persecution to take office under Constantine and die of old age. Gipping Chapel was dedicated to him.

So what is he trying to tell us about them?

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A new novel – excuse the tautology

Here is a link to an excellent and imaginative new novel from Richard III Society member, Marla Skidmore (no relation to Chris!!!).

I was fortunate enough to read it when it was still in infancy stages, just loose pages of double-spaced type. I have to say it is beautifully written and looks at Richard from a completely different angle.

But don’t just take my word for it, have a read yourselves and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



A new book by Lynda Telford …

… with a foreword by John Ashdown-Hill.

Here it is …

March 2018 Newsletter

MAG Newsletter March 2018

The Daughter of Time

For those of you who don’t subscribe to Facebook (where we have published the link), here is information of a radio serialisation of The Daughter of Time on Radio 4 Extra.

Somehow, I think we’ll all be tuning into this one!

Happy listening,


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