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New Futurelearn Course

For those wishing to undertake some leisure time study the Futurelean course, The England of Richard lll starts on 13th July.

I completed the first one they ran and, although there were several errors, it was great fun! I am informed that the errors and glitches have now been ironed out, so check it (and other courses) out on https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/england-of-richard-third

This is probably a must for new Ricardians!

An event in Norwich this summer

The East Anglia Branch of the Battlefields History Trust will be celebrating the octocentenary of Magna Carta at Norwich Castle on the 18th of July.

For more details:
magna carta july 2015

Bury St. Edmunds in September

We have now set this visit for Saturday 12 September. There is a Starbucks branch almost adjacent to the Museum so we are planning to meet there at 13:00.

To bury a King … by Frances Perry:


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