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Resumption meeting and Ipswich walk

StMargarets Photo0039
After a quick lunch at the Duke of York, we walked into the town centre to take advantage of a Heritage Open Weekend. We began at St. Margaret’s Church, originally mediaeval in structure but with repairs that post-date a Dowsing visit. The stained glass window is embossed with the (Yorkist symbol) sun in splendour and we resumed our tradition of signing the visitors’ book.
Although Christchurch Mansion was close at hand, time constraints were against us going there so Archdeacon Pykenham’s Gatehouse was next. This is an extraordinary building, built for Pykenham (d.1497) but accessible via stairs in a subsequent augmentation, for safety reasons. The adjacent wall remains.St. Mary-le-Tower was next, as the Ipswich civic church, an imposing building that backs onto Pykenham’s original residence (now the Ipswich and Suffolk Club). Nearby is the plaque to Geoffrey Chaucer, whose family owned an inn in the vicinity and was twice related to Richard, once by his marriage. The Ancient House, remembered in town as a bookshop that had an effigy of Charles II in an upstairs room with a low ceiling, was next although Charles has been lost for some time and Lakeland Plastics now occupy the site.
The “sun in splendour” emerged again on the side of the Sun Inn (subsequently Atfield and Daughter) as we passed the former Priory that is now the Buttermarket Shopping Centre and noted the Old Cattle Market bus station, the most recent site of the town’s livestock market, open until 1979.
We avoided the bad weather that has affected previous late summer walks so Morton was evidently unaware of our return. We have resolved to visit a few other locations and to introduce a swear box for use of the T-word.Photo0000

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